Aerial Application

There are many benefits to aerial application of herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, especially when talking about a cash crop.
  • Aerial application is much faster than ground rigs; a must when dealing with diseases and pests
  • Aerial application can be done even when the ground is wet
  • Aircraft doesn’t leave tracks or crush crops when applying spray
  • A helicopter provides greater flexibility with regard to precision
  • Rotary equipment provides better penetration of the crop canopy by forcing droplets through the micro-inversion layer
  • We achieve the optimal application height
  • Cover larger areas with greater economy
  • Aerial application does not spread fungal spores
  • GPS controlled swath guidance systems for accurate coverage
The AG-Nav is a Precision (Deferential) Navigation system designed to meet and exceed specific requirements for GPS guidance in aerial applications. The Navigation system is a combination of over  25 years of experience with GPS  technology and proven market performance.

AG-NAV system interfaces with AG-NAV’s AG-FLOW Automatic Flow Controller, and Variable Rate Application (VRA) Software.


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